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Table lamp

A clear glass cylindrical stand with a chrome stem running through it gives this large (76cm) lamp a smart contemporary feel. the woven grey shade, which is slightly angled, is understated and neutral. position this piece on a console or sideboard...
SKU: SR1209
In this table lamp in golden metal, two deep, u-shaped mesh bowls nest one inside the other to form the shade, creating lovely patterns where metal crosses over metal. a source of gentle, diffuse light that will work in a bedroom, hallway or living space...
SKU: SR1130
Rising above a base of brushed metal, the key feature of this lamp is the long, balloon-shaped crystal base which is fluted to catch the light. above it, atop a central core stem visible through the glass, is a simple cream shade...
€70.00 €99.99
SKU: SR1194
This brass-effect lamp combines simple forms and rich materials to beautiful effect. the glass globe, metal stem and marble base together create a timeless design that will work on its own or as a pair either side of a sofa or bed...
SKU: SR1125
Distinctly oriental in feel, this ceramic lamp has a richly detailed cylindrical stand featuring overlapping leaves in a deep, smoky green, and bookended by a brushed metal base and stem. above it sits a broad, woven cream shade that casts a soft, diffuse light...
€80.01 €99.99
SKU: SR1131
This whimsical piece combines inspiration from nature with rich materials. the tripod-like base resembles a twig, but the bright gold finish on the 'bark' adds an element of surprise. above it sits a crisp white shade with a brilliant gold reflective interior to amplify the light...
€80.01 €99.99
The stand of this smart, contemporary lamp is its most striking feature. four slender glass pillars cluster around a central chrome stem that runs up from a chrome base and is topped with a woven grey fabric shade with straight sides...
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