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Odessa mirrored console silver leaf 100cm

Odessa mirrored console silver leaf 100cm
  • SKU: SR1026

Part of the odessa collection our odessa silver leaf mirrored console fuses the classic with the contemporary to create a stunning new look for both modern and traditional homes. so it has three tiers of overlapping classic round arches echoing the tiers of arches used in roman architecture. but on the top is a beautiful mirror to reflect the beauty of any item places on top – a figurine array of flowers or a fabulous lamp to brighten the room landing or hallway. it’s especially useful for a corridor or a hallway as it has a narrow depth from front to back.


  • Odessa Silver Mirrored Console Table
  • 3 tiers of golden arches
  • Mirrored top
  • Ideal for hallways