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Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps
The alto brass geometric diamond pendant is a sophisticated fusion of brass and glass finesse and function for those who appreciate superior craftsmanship. it mixes brass and glass in a simple but beautiful interlocking diamond design so that the brightness from the ceiling light is enhanced and ref..
The alto brass geometric classic pendant fuses function and finesse with beautiful craftsmanship and sophistication. simple effective and so on-trend it has interlocking brass and glass panels flare out from the top to enhance the brightness and ambience from any ceiling light. ideal for both mode..
The enzo pendant light harks back to a bygone era of grace and elegance. the design is wonderfully simple and simply wonderful. with a gold coloured metal top and an angled glass shade that is both tiered ad fluted so that it radiates the light brilliantly into a room. have this ceiling light in any..
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