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Candlelight is one of the most effective ways of enhancing the ambiance of any room. Relax in the glow from one of our lanterns, from delicate table-top pieces in mirror and glass to full-height floor models in a luxurious brass finish.
Part of the lanterns collection our set of 2 morris wooden extra large grey and chrome lanterns have the best of both worlds. so they have elegantly curved mirror-finish tops. while the frames are crafted from strong sturdy wood that has been painted grey to give it a touch of a nautical look. this ..
Part of our home furnishings collection our sylvia globe tealight holder is a wonderful way to add light, warmth and atmosphere to any room. crafted from golden-coloured metal it has a distinct moroccan feel with its cutaway filigree patterning and towering minaret style design. a spectacular candle..
Part of our home furnishings collection our sylvia hexagonal golden lantern creates a wonderful warm and welcoming ambience. this ornate lantern has a golden base and cutaway detail on the curved tower top. hexagonal in shape, it has glass panels all the way round to radiate out the light from a can..
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