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It may be large (90cm), but the alana wall clock doesn't feel imposing due its distinctive silhouette design. the silver finish catches the light beautifully...
With its white clockface and smart black hands and numerals, this metal table clock offers a firm nod to tradition whilst also being decidedly modern. elevated on four curved legs, it makes a striking addition to any mantel or sideboard...
€49.99 €59.99
SKU: SR1141
Generously sized at 60cm, this classically styled circular wall clock features a simple, 3-tier golden wooden frame and an aged black clockface complete with golden hands and subtle grey roman numerals...
€40.00 €70.00
SKU: SR1046
This 28cm-high clock is a modern take on a classic design. the matt black frame with vintage gold trim is the perfect counterpoint to a crisp white clockface and black roman numerals...
€40.00 €50.00
SKU: SR1047
This wall clock puts the limelight firmly on details inspired by traditional design. the vintage gold-coloured frame and clockface in faded black are lovely, but the highlight is the pendulum, visible through a cut-out at the bottom...
€50.00 €90.00
SKU: SR1102
This three-in-one design combines a timepiece with a mottled mirror finish into which a map of the world is etched in black. a slender, champagne-coloured frame finishes it off beautifully...
€160.00 €200.00
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