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Clocks collection

Clocks have long been a signature accessory for Tara customers. Not only do they perform a key function; if chosen well, they serve as a beautiful focal point in a room - above a fireplace or table, or as a centrepiece on a shelf. Choose from models large and small, wall-mounted or table-top, elaborate, retro or classically simple.
Part of the south row clock collection our 28cm high south row black and gold mantle clock is a stunning timepiece for any traditional or modern home. it has a classic design that appeals to sophisticated tastes and lovers of quality design. it features a gorgeous black frame with a vintage golden ..
Part of the south row clock collection our 61cm round south row gold wall clock is a classic aged appearance for those who love turning the clock back. it has a vintage gold coloured round frame with old gold roman numerals on an authentic gently faded black clockface with the south row insignia o..
Part of our clock collection our 65cm mirrored lattice brushed charcoal clock is beautifully crafted to the highest standards for those who appreciate exceptional quality. with a sculptured circular wooden frame that has elegant scrolled cut outs and wonderful brushed charcoal finish. it also has a..
Part of the varese collection our varese aged mirror square world map clock has extra value for money on so many different levels. it’s a 3-in-1 design. firstly it’s a clock – a quality timepiece with roman numerals and minute markings all the way round. secondly it’s also features a world map etche..
Part of the amelia collection our 60cm round amelia gold wall clock is full of classic styling for anyone who loves vintage timepieces. it has a simple tiered gold coloured wooden frame while the black clockface has an aged appearance. it features subtle grey roman numerals contrasted with golden h..
Part of the amelia collection our 45cm high amelia vintage gold table clock is a fine piece of craftsmanship. it has both a modern and a traditional design. the curved golden frame isn’t flat but has a 3 dimensional style complete with golden balls to create a more dramatic and contemporary timepiec..
Part of our clock collection our alana wall clock has a distinctive silhouette design. it has luxurious silver coloured roman numerals that are raised to give it a silhouette and shadow effect. have it in your kitchen living room office or hallway. eye catching and definitely different way to tel..
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