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About us

South Row is the glamorous big sister to Tara Home. South Row, our newest brand, is a response to a desire for something different. An appealing mix of bold, look-at-me pieces and others with a more subtle, understated elegance, South Row pieces are not just beautiful to look at, they also feel good. We believe they will make you feel good too. And your homes……..they will look sensational.

’Keeping a close eye on interior trends around the world is second nature to us’

’We’re as passionate about design as you are, so when we see something we think you will love, we work fast to make it available as soon as possible’

Our South Row brand is owned by Tara Group, founded in the 1980s in Dublin, Ireland. Headed today by Sean Browne and Ian Brennan, Tara Group is a well-established interiors business and a leader in providing beautifully designed, on-trend interior home interiors and furniture that combine style, value and quality.